How we work

We use a simple approach
Simple as in "based on collaboration, attention to detail and common sense."

We often work as a one-stop-shop and handle the planning, design, development, QA and deployment. We just as often collaborate with design teams, agencies and technology partners to build apps together.

Either way, most of our projects follow the steps described below.

1. Listen & learn

We apologize in advance because we’re going to ask you a lot of questions. We ask them because we want to make sure we understand your objectives inside out.

At the very least, the initial Q&A will give us enough information to prepare a good estimate. In most cases, it will crystallize exactly what you hope to achieve and perhaps shed some light on areas you hadn’t considered.

This is also a good time for you to pick our brains. We can talk about schedules, pricing, native apps vs. web apps, which platforms to target, etc.

2. Plan & design

Once we have clear objectives, we’ll work with you to define the schedule and milestones, work out the logistics and start mapping a path. This is when we begin to define business rules, flesh out the feature set and craft how the product is going to look, feel and behave.

We’ll discuss user expectations and how to exceed them. We’ll look for pitfalls and refine user flows. Soon, we’ll have a solid blueprint that defines how users will experience the product.

This blueprint will guide the creative design process. This is when we’ll discuss space, texture, colors, fonts (we love typography) visual hierarchy and everything else that translates the vision into pixels.

3. Code & test

Though we may have built a prototype or two in the earlier phases, this is when we real coding will begin. We’ll progressively add screens, implement features and polish rough edges.

Within a few days or weeks—depending on the size of the project—we’ll prepare a progress build and we’ll review it together. This is an exciting milestone because it let’s us test all the assumptions we made during the earlier phases.

Is the flow as intuitive as we’d hoped? Do the colors look great on an actual screen?

4. Rinse & repeat

We think this is where the magic happens: iterations make perfect! We’ll fine-tune designs, tweak business rules and test them until everything is just right. It may take a handful of iterations or several dozen.

5. Launch!

Once the product is ready, we’ll help you deploy it. If you haven’t published an app before, we’ll guide you step-by-step or do it for you, whichever you prefer.